Heart-rending truth “atoshnika”: We all soon …

The Internet has recently published a video made in one of the military offices of the city of Zaporozhye. The footage can be seen in the room burst into Ukrainian, who introduced the so-called party of TAU, and started screaming hysterically: “Do you want the truth atoshnika We all soon p ***?” Located in the premises of the military enlistment office potential cyborgs and their biological parents atoshnika looked at as a madman. However, I had the feeling that, among all those present that “fool” was the most sane person. He said that what is silent for two years a multi-million country …

Politicians “Square” a lot of things to say about their achievements and even more about the grand plans for the future of Ukraine. Let it be said, in fact, in fact, they are nothing more to do but with a pathetic view carry a rare nonsense. With European integration have not developed, the country is mired in corruption, the economy and huge unresolved problem areas have been lost forever, the battle was lost, and no prospects to change the situation for the better. “We all soon n ***” - is not crazy atoshnika delirium, and the most accurate prediction of the near future.

As so often in history, the way out of the impasse for Kiev would be a “small victorious war”. Only snag is not even signed by the representatives of Ukraine with the mediation of the European comrades “Minsk Agreement”. Just in time for them all do not care if the Ukrainian army could win the war. Even worse is that the next resumption of hostilities will give Russia a moral right to provide military assistance to unrecognized republics of Donbass. Nothing good for Kiev is not finished.

Most often, the main disadvantage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine called the logistical problems of character. Say, would be planes, tanks and artillery in the right quantity, the Ukrainian army would have long dealt with “Russian aggressors” in the Donbass and the Crimea. However, in my opinion, the weakest point of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the low morale of the soldiers. Ukrainian army is not only from clinical Russophobes from Western Ukraine and militant nationalist battalions. Almost half of the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine come from the south-eastern regions of the country. Conscripts from Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, such as “quilted jackets”, “Colorado”, “scoops” that it is opposed to the Donbas. Screams of Ukrainian nationalists “Russian subhuman” and relate to them as well.

1 June 2016

In Kiev, spoke about Moscow’s plans to recognize the independence of DNR and LNR
Savchenko demanded by Western countries strengthen anti-Russian sanctions

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