BP can prevent a large-scale influx of substandard drugs in Ukraine - O.Bogomolets

According to People’s Deputy, a government bill contains provisions that negate the protective barriers against entry into the domestic market of substandard medicines

KIEV. on 23 April. UNN. Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health, MP from “BPP” Bohomolets warned of large-scale influx of substandard drugs in an attempt to change the legislation, in particular, consideration of the Verkhovna Rada a government bill number 4484 on the simplification of registration of medicines, according to UNN.

According to her, the government bill contains provisions that negate the protective barriers against entry into the domestic market of substandard medicines. MP explained that in the case of a government bill, pharmaceutical companies, which have a European registration, despite the ban on the implementation of medicines in the EU will be able to freely dispose of their substandard drugs in Ukraine.

“In Europe there are two registration procedure One auto registration procedure with the export authorization, and the second -. Check with permission to sell inside the country there are companies that produce substandard medicines, they are registered in one of the European countries, but there after checking them. do not give permission to sell those products in the country, and make it possible only to pay taxes and sell products for export “, - he explained the deputy.

Thus, according to O.Bogomolets, enterprises that have avtoregistratsieya in the EU and a ban on the sale of medicines in the country, will supply its products to the Ukrainian market.

In general, the head of the Committee BP outraged that this government bill trying to make to the parliament in violation of regulations.

As O.Bogomolets explained almost a year studying the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada and finished the bills that relate, inter alia, the registration of medicines, however, prevent the emergence of substandard drugs in Ukraine.

“Of course the bill Oleg Stepanovich Musiya and Mr. Shipka two deputies, were also considered by the Committee during the last year There were two alternative bill, after long very difficult negotiations, we managed to reach a joint bill, which is designated by the letter D. (Number 2162D - Ed) . This bill is agreed upon, it was signed by most members of the Committee of health in mid-health Committee, I try to carry out this work before the bear in the room bill -. to have a guarantee of voting And such a bill after nearly a year of working with the Ministry of health, with everyone. groups with pharmaceutical companies, with farmorganizatsiyami, it was agreed, was prepared and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada yesterday consideration to have voted for it on first reading, to further proceed with the introduction of the necessary amendments which always occur between the first and second readings.

And, actually, yesterday, absolutely unexpectedly it registered another bill that is not an alternative, which is a small part of the bill number 2162D Medicines. That is, the bill removes only a small piece of the law on medicinal products, and talks about the moment of registration. Actually the biggest problem that exists in this little bill, torn from a large bill - that it does not protect the Ukrainian market of substandard medicines revenues “, - said O.Bogomolets.

However, she noted that the draft law prepared by the Committee were provided barriers for the protection of Ukrainians from substandard medicines.

“In our law Ukrainian citizens are protected by the fact that we allow the Ukrainian market to go only to those drugs that are registered in Europe and approved for use in those countries if they are not allowed to be used, but only registered there -. Respectively, we can not enter them the Ukrainian market, because for us the problem - the quality of medicines, which will drop here, “- said O.Bogomolets.

As previously UNN, O.Musy said that this government bill actually provide an opportunity to get to Ukraine Pakistani substandard medicines.

Recall, the government has simplified mechanism reestartsii drugs.

23 April 2016

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