Cohen: Kiev has more chances to become an American colony

Washington only fuels the degree of confrontation between the US and Russian military exercise of NATO near the borders of the Russian Federation, the American political scientist at Princeton University professor Stephen Cohen.

According to the analyst, the United States, rather than to unite with Russia in the fight against militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” is threatened by the fact that will hinder the activities of Russian videoconferencing in Syria, as well as provoke Moscow to exercise Trident Juncture (”Connection trident”) .

“Such actions are inherent dangers that have been fixed New York Times November 10 article about the maneuvers of NATO in 1983, which led to the fact that the Soviet Union brought its nuclear forces on high alert, fearing a US attack,” - said Cohen the transfer of John Batchelor to The Nation.

The political scientist also drew attention to the fact that, despite the worsening economic and political crisis in Ukraine, Kiev continues to make important decisions for the country in consultation with the representatives of the United States. According to experts, Kiev has more chances to become the “American colony” and the opportunity to stop the “proxy war” between Russia and the United States in Ukraine, with the help of the Minsk Agreement have been missed due to the Ukrainian government and their “patrons” in Washington.

16 November 2015

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