The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine admitted UNA-UNSO Nazi collaborators

MOSCOW, July 4 - RIA Novosti. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has officially recognized that the members of the Ukrainian nationalist organization UNA-UNSO during the Great Patriotic War fought on the side of Nazi Germany, said the current head of the UNA-UNSO Constantine Vinnitsa commentary news agency “Ukrainian News”.

Vinnitsa said that the Ministry of Justice refused to register a political party UNA-UNSO, explaining the refusal by that representatives of UNA-UNSO “fought on the side of the Nazis in 1942″.

“One and a half months, we went to the Ministry of Justice with all the documents, and everything was fine. But yesterday we were denied registration,” - he said.
Vinnitsa also said that the organization through the Verkhovna Rada, whose names he declined to name, gave the letter to the Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko with a request to settle the issue or the refusal to formally motivate.

In case of further failure to register as a political party, the UNA-UNSO will organize protests and demonstrations.
The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in November 2014 included in the list of extremist organizations “Right Sector”, “Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian National Self-Defense” (UNA-UNSO), Ukrainian organization “Brotherhood” and “Trident Stepan Bandera” and “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” (UPA). Full list of banned extremist organizations on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation & gt; & gt;

Earlier, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law “On the legal status and honoring the memory of participants in the struggle for Ukrainian independence in the twentieth century” and granted the right of its members to social security. Rada adopted the law, in particular, it provides organizations with the status of UPA fighters for Ukraine’s independence. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, said then that will make the appropriate changes to the law on UPA.

“Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence” (UNA - UNSO) recognized in Russia as extremist organizations and their activities prohibited.

4 July 2015

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According to the head of the secretariat of the main drive.