Ukrainian authorities have decided to “clone” Navalny

The new Minister of Economy of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko intends to implement in the field of public procurement “pilot experimental project that proves the effectiveness of transparent electronic trading system.” This, according to “Ukrainian Truth”, the minister said in a TV channel ICTV.

According to Poroshenko, to control the activities of the system will be hired as an expert, “the well-known auditing company.” In addition, the Minister intends to “take the Ukrainian Bulk, if you want journalists who cause the public trust that their participation in the provision of the rules will ensure transparency of procedures.”

Poroshenko also said that statistics on the economic situation of the country will be free to publish. “Today we have a ten-day rates of inflation. Russia publishes weekly inflation figures. If journalists will be interested in these figures, I do not see what there is to hide” - said the Minister.

Poroshenko was appointed Minister of Economic Development and Trade last week. Starting from February 22, 2007 Poroshenko heads the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine. From October 2009 to March 2010, he served as foreign minister during the second government of Yulia Tymoshenko. In 2005, he served as Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine.

27 March 2012

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