Address of permanent income

25 November 2011 | business, ecology, fuel, internet, power, product, protection, site, wednesday

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Tymoshenko owned firms paid for contract killing

• Yushchenko wants to address the nation about disobedience »»»
The leader of the party “Our Ukraine” Viktor Yushchenko is concerned that the Parliament can be created by the unconstitutional majority.
• Gone from Tymoshenko told the deputy about the sources of its income »»»
BYuT Ivan Denkovich in an interview with L’Express said, took the money from the party “Fatherland”, which is headed by Yulia Tymoshenko.
• Front-line letter seeking recipients (address list attached) »»»
Four boxes in which the letters were brought from Austria.
• Data Exit-polls and the CEC of Ukraine in the course of income »»»
This informational material data are carried out in Ukraine ExitPools and course count on these agencies and the CEC of Ukraine.
• About barbs and subtleties (Russian permanent representative to the UN said he greets with Ukrainian ambassador and how often swoops against US) »»»
Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, gave an interview to the special correspondent of "RG", revealing the secrets of "the UN kitchen.