Hurricane struck the Bialowieza Forest destruction of the strongest in 20 years

Even the 2002 tornado that destroyed about 60 thousand cubic meters of timber in an area of ​​180 hectares, compared to the present, looks like a minor point, writes “”.
Particularly affected pine age 40-60 years and Porozovskom Novodvorskaya forestries. They damaged some 1,400 hectares of forest. Completely destroyed the forest over an area of ​​600 hectares. Now try to remove the foresters fallen trees as soon as possible. Wood can begin to rot and then there zavedutsya pests that are dangerous to healthy trees.

3 August 2011

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In Belarus today will be judged for the message “VKontakte”

• In Crimea, burning forest reserve »»»
A fire on an area of about 2.5 hectares is raging in the Yalta mountain forest reserve, on the southern coast of Crimea, where there are hundred and two hundred pine.
• In Ukraine, rented 16 hectares of forest to study the flight of mosquitoes. »»»
In Cherkassy region of Ukraine are some private companies have leased 16 hectares of forest for 49 years, said Gazeta.
• In Ukraine, oblozhat taxes mushrooms, berries and birch sap »»»
Deputies of the Khmelnytsky Oblast Council adopted a decision according to which a collection of mushrooms, berries, birch sap, and even the bark will have to pay.
• En Crimée, en brûlant réserve forestière »»»
Un incendie sur une superficie d’environ 2,5 hectares fait rage dans la réserve forestière du mont de Yalta, sur la côte sud de la Crimée, où il ya cent et deux cents pins.
• In India, the Eiffel Tower will be similar »»»
In India’s Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in the area Prabhadevi construct an analogue of the Eiffel tower 275 meters.