Ukrainka Lusha Kosheleva in 86 years has been collecting record albums and sold out festivals

Lusha Kosheleva of the Ukrainian village Linova in 86 years became a “star” and began collecting full house at the festivals of ethnic music. A woman sings a unique song goryunskie Kievan Rus’.

His new album under the project “Lusha and children,” she writes in Moscow.

“This kind of experiment. We do not intend to write the original sound is goryunskih songs. This is an attempt to unite the past with the present and future. Energy, which runs from Lukeria Andreevny, I hope, will help ensure that students want to learn more about the unique vanishing tradition goryunskogo mnogolosya “, - said the project member Sergei Starostin.

According to the musician, the album will include 14 songs from the repertoire Lukeria Kosheleva.

21 February 2011

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