Alexander Rogers: In the UK, confirmed the authenticity of default in Ukraine

The lawsuit of The Law Debenture Trust, which is the trustee for the production of Ukrainian eurobonds for $ 3 billion, it is said that the Dec. 21, 2015, when there was a long repayment period for Russia, Ukraine failed to pay $ 3,075 billion and as a result violated the trust management contract with The Law Debenture Trust, loan terms and an agency agreement with Citibank as the paying agent and registrar.

The petition stresses that due to the refusal of Kiev to pay the debt attorney and Ministry of Finance of Russia suffered losses and damage which will evaluate the trial, including the unpaid $ 3,075 billion, penalty interest, as well as “a variety of other costs” to protect its rights under the bond issue.

“The Law Debenture Trust” was founded in 1889, and its experience in knocking out of debt and litigation has already exceeded 125 years. And before you say about his brilliant prospects in court Yatsenyuk and Yaresko worthwhile to examine a list of its founders and owners.

Since the judicial process set in motion, this means that “efforts made by Kiev amicable settlement deemed insufficient”, which is also not good for the Kiev regime.

I doubt very much that for the sake of all those poor natives as the English decide to bury its judicial system. Therefore, the claim sooner or later will be satisfied.

And better sooner, because for each day of delay is not dripping frail additional amount, and from December 21 last year already natekla more than $ 40 million (not including court costs and “a variety of other costs”). In this case the plaintiff, also predictably, asks the court to appoint an additional payment in favor of Russia over the principal and accrued interest.

That’s how our world is that debt is better not to get involved, and if you got - give something back in time, because otherwise vydubyat and will dry.

The fact that a similar credit history “help” Kiev regime no longer provide will not be clear without further explanation.

During the conceptual design and the moral bankruptcy should always be talking financial bankruptcy. It is possible to delay for some time, even to pretend that everything is fine, but how a string is not twisted, still come to an end.

22 March 2016

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