In Galicia 26 students fainted at the icon, praying for peace

A strange incident occurred in the Ukrainian region of Galicia - the village Ozhidovo Lviv region. There is in prayer for peace in the Ukraine before the icon of Our Lady, which carry the last 9 months in different regions, 26 students fainted. Six even had to take to the hospital, where they were evacuated under droppers, reports Ukrainian Portal “News”.

When the prayer, the students suddenly began to swoon. “They complained of nausea and dizziness, some abdominal pain. Some pressure has risen sharply,” - said a paramedic ambulance Maria Kolesnik.

However, some children complained that the icon was allegedly “bad smell”. Falling stacks of children began to migrate to the gym and put on the floor. Doctors suggested that the mass fainting may occur due to lack of air in close assembly hall.

However, they also remind us that in this village in 2007 spilled cars with yellow phosphorus, and shortly thereafter began to give birth to babies with congenital abnormalities - now they just 7-8 years. And in general, the local children in poor health after that phosphoric disaster.

In the Lviv regional sanitary station, say, by the fact that the results of checks Ozhidove indicators of soil, water and vegetation in order. They do not link the incident to the school with the consequences of phosphoric accident eight years ago.

26 May 2015

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