Terrasoft introduced the concept of management experience in customer-based Social CRM

March 6th, 2012 at Terrasoft Customer Forum gave Paul Greenberg, one of the world’s most influential experts in the CRM-industry. The conference brought together more than 500 customers and partners of companies Terrasoft, the largest in the CIS provider of integrated solutions in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). The main theme of the conference began the practice of management experience in customer (CEM).
At the opening of the forum Mrs. Kostereva, managing partner of the group of companies Terrasoft, told about the possibilities of business process management (BPM) for the formation of an exclusive customer experience. According to a study conducted by Forrester of 133 companies, 27% of the problems associated with the interaction with customers, due to imperfect control of business processes. On examples of projects implemented by Terrasoft Catherine described as well-developed business processes to help companies provide a positive customer experience and to prevent their departure to the competition.
On the other most relevant trend in the management of customer experience - the concept of Social CRM - special guest of the forum said Paul Greenberg. According to analysts Gartner, by 2014, the refusal to communicate with customers on social channels will be as disruptive to the business, as if today, the company refused to email and phone. Inviting Paul Greenberg - CRM-expert number 1 in the world and ideologue Social CRM (sCRM) - Terrasoft company has provided its customers the opportunity to learn firsthand about the approaches of Social CRM.
Leading companies around the world recognize that the development of social networks, forums and the blogosphere and other social services, online consumers have gained new power and become masters in communications. Each year, the amount of time spent by users in social networks, almost doubled. According to the study of global comScore, promulgated in December 2011, the social dialogue has become the most popular activity among Internet users, taking 1 in 5 minutes spent in the network. And 82% of the “population” of global Internet sites registered in the social sense.
For companies that seek to build relationships with consumers, this means that in addition to traditional channels must now learn to work with multi-channel online social environment.
A practical response to the new reality was the development of the concept of Social CRM (sCRM). Paul Greenberg gave the most popular and comprehensive definition sCRM as “the philosophy and business strategy, which is supported by technology platform, business rules and workflow, and allows the client to engage the consumer in a joint productive dialogue that ensures mutual trust and value in a transparent business environment” . According to the report, Gartner, in 2010 80% growth in the CRM market was provided by advances in technology sCRM.

11 March 2012

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