Russia prepares extradition of a Ukrainian nationalist, izbivshego veteran in Lviv

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory police have detained a citizen of Ukraine, declared internationally wanted for beating a veteran of World War II on May 9 in Lviv. Ukrainian nationalist, was caught May 19 in the village ERUDIT North-Yenisei district police precinct in conjunction with the staff of PGC, the press service of the police department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Currently, the detainee is being prepared for extradition to his homeland.

Ukrainian arrived in the northern village to work in one of the gold mining enterprises. As it turned out, since 1992, he periodically came to work in the Krasnoyarsk Territory on a rotational basis. In this case, the district administration refused to name the name of the detainee, saying only that he was born in 1966.

Earlier, Ukrainian media quoted the leader of the faction of the party “Freedom” at Lviv regional council Irina Cex reported that in the Krasnoyarsk region detained a member of the Freedom Party Roman Semchev suspected of involvement in riots in Lviv on May 9.

According to the police department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on May 9 arrested a citizen while in Lviv on the “Hill of Fame”, where the celebration took place at the Victory, snatched from a veteran of World War II St. George’s ribbon and a military medal. When you try to pick up a veteran award from the earth, a man hit an elderly man’s arm, causing injury.

In relation to the Ukrainian citizens have been prosecuted under Part 2 of Art. 296 of the Criminal Code (disorderly conduct) and taken on parole. Despite this, he fled from Ukraine to Russia, after which it was declared law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in the international wanted list.

Currently, the detainee is being detained in the police department in the North-Yenisei region and is awaiting a decision on extradition to his homeland.

As reported by the “New Region”, May 9, Ukrainian nationalists from the Freedom Party tried to disrupt events in Lviv, the celebration of Victory Day. Tyagnibokovtsy plucked the St George ribbon of veterans and other participants in the festivities. The building of Lviv city council nationalists tore and burned the red flags, the Consul General of Russia Oleg Astakhov away and trampled on a wreath, which he had entrusted to a soldier’s memorial at Campus Martius.

Between the activists of “Freedom” and supporters of Victory Day celebrations, there were several scuffles, resulting in one of tyagnibokovtsev was injured from a traumatic weapons.

25 May 2011

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• In Lviv forbade celebrate the anniversary of liberation from the Nazis »»»
Lviv Regional Administrative Court decided to ban the events dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of the city from the troops of Nazi Germany.
• Ukrainian nationalists in the eyes of veterans in Lviv stamped on the red flag »»»
Lviv clashed during a protest members of the Ukrainian nationalist party “Freedom” Oleg Tyagniboka that on May 9 near the Hill of Glory publicly trampled the red flags, taken from the veterans.
• Ukrainian nationalists staged a fight with the veterans »»»
Nationalists tried to break through police cordon to prevent the deployment of Red Banner of Victory on the Hill of Glory in Lviv in the Victory Day.
• Lviv city council has banned the use of symbolism in the USSR and the CPSU, and the ban Nazi symbols deputies refused. »»»
This decision has voted 71 deputies, “Interfax”. Decision was taken “in connection with the ability to spread in Lviv, a non-existent symbols of a totalitarian state.
• Lviv abolished the Great Patriotic War »»»
Lviv regional council on May 25 vote, approved a decree according to which the territory of the region, the term “Great Patriotic War” will no longer be used, said ZiK.