Sevastopol bay left past the white ships of the fleet (the outcome of the Russian army of General Wrangel outside the Fatherland)

White navy ships, carrying into the unknown thousands of soldiers and refugees who came from the bay on Nov. 14, 1920. The outcome of the Russian army of General Wrangel beyond Homeland officially assumed its civil war ended in southern Russia.
Sevastopol has completed preparations for the 90 th anniversary of the Civil War and the exodus of the Crimean Russian army Gen. PN Wrangel. In this regard, with the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill in Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet will be large-scale commemorative events.

Nov. 9 at the ordnance plant’s Black Sea Fleet in a solemn ceremony held on melting metal - fragments of the body of one of the ships of the Russian Navy, retired 90 years ago from Sevastopol to the Tunisian port of Bizerte. A fragment of the ship was raised from the bottom of the Tunis bay Cebra and taken to Sevastopol. From the metal manufacture memorials dedicated to the anniversary.

Start commemorative celebrations in Sevastopol is scheduled for November 14.

14 November 2010

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• In honor of the Navy Russia and Ukraine for the first time organized a joint parade in Sevastopol »»»
At least 50,000 people gathered in those moments on the banks of the Sevastopol Bay to see a joint naval parade of Russian Black Sea Fleet and Naval Forces of Ukraine, Radio "Vesti FM.
• Russian Black Sea Fleet 228 years (Russia and Ukraine together celebrate Day of the Navy in Sevastopol) »»»
May 13, 1783, with stops in Ahtiarskuyu Bay squadron Azov flotilla under the command of Vice Admiral Fedota Klokacheva started 228-year history of the Black Sea Fleet.
• Ukraine has refused to pass through the Kerch Strait Russian warship (Kiev hooked another lever to the gas dispute) »»»
Ukraine has refused to pass through the Kerch Strait in the Sea of ​​Azov large landing ship Black Sea Fleet, “Azov”.
• Sevastopol branch of MSU captures influx of applicants from Ukraine »»»
In the Black Sea branch of the MSU record growth of interest in the part of Ukrainian university students.
• Expansion of the Black Sea Fleet to the West: Russia will open in Ukraine new military bases »»»
Strengthening the position of the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine has been developing rapidly.