They want to leave the country 65% ​​of Ukrainians

The number of Ukrainians are ready to take up permanent residence abroad has increased significantly compared to September last year - is now willing to leave the country 65% ​​of the citizens. This is according to TNS Online Track survey. Of these, 65% of a third of respondents are not able to travel, 8% would like to leave temporarily, until the situation is stabilized, while 20% would like to go abroad for permanent residence. Most are willing to move, according to the survey, men (24%). Also, Ukraine is ready to leave the youth (20%), whereas 34% of the older age groups are not likely to move to another country.

30 August 2016

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The fact that we see almost two years observing the Ukrainian action, not even interesting.
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Refuse to buy products produced in Ukraine, are more likely to express willingness to residents of Moscow and St.
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The majority of Ukrainians (57%) support the police force. This is evidenced by UNIAN results of a survey conducted by pollster Razumkov Center.
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Social workers said they are increasingly faced with fraudsters who tricked into trying to get money from the state.
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While residents of Lithuania for more than a hearty slice of bread go abroad, their place in Lithuania occupied by foreigners.