Erdogan: After “Ukraine and Crimea” Russia has no right to speak about the Armenian Genocide

After returning from the forum held in Baku, the UN Global Alliance of Civilizations President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned to the Russian leadership.
As reported by the media in Azerbaijan, Erdogan chided Russian President Vladimir Putin that he, despite vozvrazheniya Turkey calls known events in the years 1915-1924 the Turkish genocide of Armenians. “This is not the first time that Russia is using the word” genocide “on this matter personally, it saddens me that Putin took this step.”, - Erdogan said after returning from Baku. According to the Turkish president, Russia should first explain to the world what is happening in the Crimea and Ukraine, and then to use the word “genocide” in relation to Turkey. “What is happening in the Crimea and Ukraine, it is obvious”, - said Erdogan.
The Turkish leader also drew a parallel between the situation in Crimea and Ukraine and taking place in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azeri media noted that this statement contains “open message of the occupier” that is Armenia’s ally and “occupier” - Russia. “In the current situation, Russia can not openly support Armenia, because it is a mutually beneficial relationship with Azerbaijan, - said Erdogan -. From the point of view of the territory, the number of soldiers and other features, Armenia can not be compared with Azerbaijan Azerbaijan does not look like the surrounding country.. neither Georgia nor Russia behaves politically incorrect “to Ukraine. Russia has failed to achieve its in Ukraine. They succeeded only in the Crimea because of the Crimean Tatars is not enough..
As for Armenia, Erdogan said that it is “playing with fire”. . “In Turkey, about 100 thousand Armenians, of which about 50 thousand are citizens of Turkey, we call good and those who are not allowed to live here we have shown its good intentions..”, - Said the President of Turkey. The Turkish leader also accused the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan that Armenia allegedly refuses to peace talks on Karabakh. The charges against Sargsyan, Erdogan had denied the Armenian Foreign Ministry.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, as the media of Azerbaijan, 29 April supported the position of the President of Turkey to the effect that Russia supposedly is not necessary to speak about the Armenian Genocide. “We reject and condemn the definition of” genocide “, which, in spite of all our warnings and appeals, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the events of 1915 - said the Foreign Ministry of Turkey -. In view of the crimes and mass expulsions of peoples, that Russia carried out in the Caucasus, in Central Asia and Eastern Europe in the last century, we believe that Russia is better to know what genocide is and what is its legal formulation “, - says the Turkish foreign ministry.
EADaily also recalls that the UN peacekeeping forum in Baku Erdogan implicitly blamed Russia in support of “state terrorism” in Syria. “In Syria, there is terrorism at the national level. More than six years of peaceful people are killed in Syria. Assad is using against his people, tanks and bombs, kills his own people. Those who provide the perpetrators of terrorist acts in the arms of Syria, support them, put under the feet of terrorists They are the red carpet on a par with the terrorists responsible for what is happening in Syria “, -. Erdogan said.
“We need to organize the global alliance against terrorism, - said Erdogan at the UN forum in Baku -. If there is such an alliance can not counter terrorism Terrorism is a threat to humanity No organization could not resist the terrorism we will be able to counteract the spread of terrorism only by joint efforts… “.

30 April 2016

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