“Grey Wolves” in the Kherson region created the Tatar Republic

“The threat in the Kherson region is only increasing. I have repeatedly in their ethers said Poroshenko coward that does not affect the situation, and it may happen that the Turks will come to Kherson region. Now the Kherson region is really the source of fire, and we really went to these “Grey Wolves”, a very radical group. And I would not be surprised if in the Kherson region will soon begin to cut off their heads. I would not be surprised if in the Kherson region is the most serious acts of terrorism. We are in for a very big trouble. And the whole problem is that people … silent … But people can not keep silent.

In fact, Kherson region robs us of the invader. Islyamov wants to make them the Kherson region of the Tatar Republic. That this is, in principle, we are going.

I want to give a small example. Yesterday, at 13:00, at the post beat Chongar grandparents, seized the ring, pig’s head away, robbed four banks seaming (I know all the details), took away the spare tire from the car, beat … Well, that remained alive. But they were told this: if you also will appear again here, you will find in the forest plantation. That is, I went a real mess.

So, if the “Wolves” will drop in Kherson, and I, as informed and know, for some towns and villages has igilovtsev distribution goes, it is already more than 700 people.

And you imagine, there is a war in the Donetsk, Lugansk, weapons are not controlled. They cross the border it is not necessary to transport - it is all there.

The siloviki know, again, what is going on, especially chiefs and the leadership of the Kherson region. And Putilov (regional governor - Ed.) Is aware of this situation. But when then-Putilov said that undermined the power lines, he telephoned Poroshenko, Yatseniuk, what do we do impending disaster, experts are sounding all the bells … But neither the president nor Yatsenyuk not lifted up … As a result, Kherson region It becomes unmanageable by marginals.

But not only the Kherson region will wait for a serious matter, but the whole Ukraine. The worst predictions come true. If another 2-3 weeks such a blockade will continue - in Ukraine will begin a serious energokollaps. Moreover, I want to say with confidence that the country - bankrupt. I want to say with confidence - the country more money no one will. The immediate future of Ukraine and especially the Kherson region - this is the most terrible days “, - the politician said.

Exaltation Ukrainian extremists, radicals, Nazis and a “patriotic” about the alleged strengthen friendship with Turkey against Russia and the Islamists looks extremely stupid, warns Zhuravko. Because they do not have a license to decapitation, he warns.

“Patriots” do not see, they can not see or do not want to see that the same so-called Crimean Tatar Mejlis of the 23 years before the liberation of Crimea Russia fought for, to return Crimea to Turkey.

8 December 2015

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