Across the Atlantic with an outstretched hand: Ukrainian delegation visited the US

Kiev to pay debts to creditors, and the United States will maintain sanctions on Russia up to the full implementation of the agreements Minsk - at least so say in Washington. Actually, this is the main outcome of the meeting Arseniy Yatsenyuk with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

What’s Ukrainian Premier discussed with US leaders?

The event at the US Chamber of Commerce (on the walls - the flags with the names of great explorers) called loudly: First US-Ukrainian investment forum. Yatsenyuk But America has not opened. Meeting with foreign businessmen he is the third, and in turn, they do not line up. Yes, and whether it is investment? Ukrainian Prime directly declares that he wants to put to the hammer.

“My opinion and the opinion of the government - that we have to run a large-scale privatization. We have already issued a number of resolutions. We opened the privatization of energy companies.” Centrenergo “- one of the largest energy companies of Ukraine - a number of chemical plants, a number of large power grid corporations are privatized completely transparent competitive basis “, - assured the Ukrainian prime minister.

About competition Yatsenyuk disingenuous - Russian companies before privatization decided prevented. Why - it is impossible to know. At a press conference Yatsenyuk not allow Russian journalists - between Washington and Kiev are all too intimate.

“It’s like a personal relationship - today we can call it a business engagement, and we hope to play our wedding business as quickly as possible. Let’s create a business family,” - Yatsenyuk offers.

The bride is poor: 300 percent devaluation of the hryvnia, 60-percent inflation, falling into the abyss of revenue - but is struggling to throw dust into the eyes of a rich groom. During the visit Yatsenyuk PR consulting firm APCO paid 35 thousand dollars. Dowry too easy - too worn it. All the achievements with which the Ministry of Economy in its video touts Ukraine prior to its future owners, with the current authorities are not bound in any way. Chernozems the Dnieper - from time immemorial, the denouement in Kyiv built for Euro under Yanukovych. Achievements aviation industry - from the Soviet era. The fact that Ukraine - the largest country in Europe - even beyond reason.

A special theme - energy. Stepping on rakes times Yushchenko into the Ukrainian nuclear industry called the American Westinghouse, with its unsuitable for a Soviet-style nuclear fuel assemblies. With oil and gas Frontera seriously discussing bizarre project of gas supplies to Ukraine of a powerful energy power in Georgia. The theme is close to Vice President Biden - his son after the coup in Kiev rushed to the Ukraine to earn a shale gas. But this is not a family Biden and Russian exports to Ukraine corruption, US Vice President.

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14 July 2015

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