Ukraine, War, the Europeans do not want to face (”Le Temps”, Switzerland)

Because of the fighting, nearly 2 million people have been forced to leave their homes and go to other regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries. They lack food and water, as well as building materials.

Andrey Gavrish escaped from hell. This morning the Mayor of Marinka (city-Martyr near Donetsk) with two companions managed to reach under the control of the Government of Mariupol. He made the journey of 100 kilometers on his blue truck. He needs canisters: Marinka in no more water. It would take him food: Ukrainian roadblocks cut off from the rest of the world Marinka and passed only the bread. Finally, it needs building materials: in the recent fighting in the city was damaged about 60 homes. Candles will also come in handy: Electricity restored only in half of Marinka.

Behind all this, he goes to the warehouse of the International Committee of the Red Cross, located next door to the steelworks of the country’s richest man Rinat Akhmetov. From pipe rises up yellow, orange and white smoke: half a million Mariupol not just called the most polluted city in the country. Now trucks with a red cross is no longer ride in Marinka. After the death of an employee in Donetsk under artillery fire in October last year, the Geneva organization behaves extreme caution. Therefore, the road has to go to Andrew Garvishu during a lull in the shooting.

The last firing was four days ago. “The shells began whistling at night: everything always begins at night so we did not understand, who started the first - says the mayor. When we hear shooting all down in the basement. Women and children were sitting there up to 15 hours.” Several men got out of the shelter early. “To see whether it is necessary to help someone. What nonsense.” Three were killed and another seven injured.

Nobody warned residents about the new attack, which nevertheless was well planned by the rebels of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. The day before it was noticed the movement of troops and equipment toward Marinka which is on the government’s side of the demarcation line. Separatists managed to seize a police station, but the army said it a successful counterattack. The death toll has left about 30 people. The most serious clash since the time of the February battles of Debaltsevo.

On the front line, which is divided into two full Donbass, dozens of towns and villages have been completely or partially destroyed. And the humanitarian situation in the Ukraine has been several months close to catastrophic. In winter, there were rumors that in areas controlled by separatists people were dying of hunger. “Strangely, Europe is losing interest in the crisis, although tens of thousands of people sit without food and water,” - said the head of the mission of the Czech human rights organization People in Need, Fredrik Larsson. This NGO is engaged in restoration of houses 300,000 families on both sides of the front line, with the financial support of Switzerland ……

2 July 2015

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