While the lords quarrel, the US dragged through parliament a law on the sale of the final remnants of Ukraine. The project “Ukraine” is closed. extras available

Personally for me in yesterday’s performance with another “retirement” Yatsenyuk had no intrigue.

Yet really understand who is the real ruler of the Ukraine. But on Twitter American ambassador did not appear any message condemning corruption Yatsenyuk, which meant only one thing - it is still quite satisfied with the Americans, and no one will replace.

Yes, resources are too little and all the “elite” groups are not enough. Yes, there is a tough fight for the opportunity to participate in the final act of plundering Ukraine residues.

Vaughn, Tymoshenko had hoped (Getting On, lost in intrigue flair) that as much tried to change the image, frankly mowing under Nabiullina.

However, the current owners Yatsenyuk Ukraine at this stage is quite happy (because obediently ready to sell anything and everything), and the interests of the leaders of the natives do not care about the sheriff.

Therefore, the main pillar of Americans in Ukraine, “the opposition bloc” discipline Liovochkin disrupt the vote on the resignation Yatsenyuk, just left the courtroom. And the lonely cry of the Royal apologetic “I’m not guilty, too blunt and for several years has not learned pushbuttons” looks ridiculous and pathetic.

As advertising: Oppoblok - always on guard American interests. Cheap.

But the Verkhovna zRada voted in favor of the privatization of Ukraine residues. Deputies modestly disguised under this act insane “Law on Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine (concerning the clarification of certain provisions)” under the number №2319a-d, and then took him in the second reading and as a whole.

But since they were all busy discussing orders Tymoshenko and “remove / not remove” Yatsenyuk, then selling the remnants of the motherland and no one noticed.

In terms of actual default, lack of finance and low intensity civil war, no one will give for enterprise real price, will buy all on the vine for a penny. Kiev “intelligentsia” is to actively support, in the hope of the last handout. Natsik just do not understand what happened, because of the lack of the brain.

Latest technology will be picked up the Americans, they will disassemble the plant for scrap, black earth will be exported to the Scandinavians themselves (have taken out), the remaining land will be bought Qatar and Bahrain. A future galloping natives sold their history and kinship, nobody cares.

Alexander Rogers

17 February 2016

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