From the blog Graham Phillips: Exclusive correspondence with the representative of the Dutch Safety Board

Today, Graham shared with subscribers to his blog The Truth Speaker letter from the representative of the Dutch Safety Board. The Dutch representative expressed, as we now say, a deep concern that after today’s release of the report on the MN17 Graham threw their outrage at the publication of scans and photographs of forensic medical examination of the bodies.

Everyone knows that during his stay in Donetsk Graham became everyone’s favorite there, so that, in general, it is not surprising that he was able to get forensic materials DNI.

In spite of the opinion of the committee, “Almaz-Antey”, Graham obviously remains committed to the version that Malaysian Boeing was shot down not beech, so your tweet he accompanied with the phrase: “Records of medical examination indicate that the wounds on the bodies of the victims do not correspond to the elements Buka “.

Although the comments to tweet predictable scandal broke, Graham Graham would not be if it was not on his publishing what it sees fit. And after he posted a letter scans the Dutch Representative and his response to it.

Thus, exclusive of Graham Phillips.

This is a translation of the original publication are:

Dear Graham

You published in your Twitter photos of the victims MN17 Relatives of the victims have contacted us and asked to pay attention to this publication. I ask you to remove the photos as soon as possible - it is disrespectful to the victims and their relatives. I look forward to your acceptance and understanding.


My answer:

Dear (name),

How can you ensure respect for the victims of the collapse of the MN17 is always for me in the first place. So I am not published and will not publish the information on the identity of the victims. You can always be assured of my respect and compassion for them. But I would advise you to send the same letter to Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, who has repeatedly published here this photograph

I would not publish the records of medical examination, if I was not so shocked and outraged by today’s results of your investigation - unprofessional, lying, distorting facts, slow and filled with disrespect for the dead. Therefore, any facts which may contain the shaft of your lies and misinformation should be made public - with all due respect to the victims of the disaster.

How can you say that the investigation “was based on an analysis of the debris,” having at its disposal only half the cockpit? It is beyond my comprehension.

14 October 2015

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