Protecting Tymoshenko intends to complain about the torture of prisoners

All of Ukraine discusses the news of the Kharkov prison, in which there is already the fifth day of Yulia Tymoshenko. Finally, one of the lawyers for the former prime minister was allowed to meet with the condemned. Coming out of the camera, he told reporters on the unbearable, in his opinion, the conditions of Tymoshenko: she suffers from light, followed by the peep and do not give to watch the New Year program. Even his daughter to see her mother not given, despite the permission of the court.

Clock video surveillance and bright lights, the prohibition of communication with other prisoners - these are the conditions of Yulia Tymoshenko in Kachanovsky colony near Kharkov. In any case, the lawyer Sergei Vlasenko description, which he visited today the barbed wire, away from his client.

“Above it is still fun, above her bed, the camera surveillance and 24 hours a day, she is under constant surveillance. This is done in order to once again fulfill the order Yanukovych and make fun of the Ukrainian opposition leader. I can also mention it 24 hours a day the light is directed straight to bed. So Julia for three days of almost no sleep, “- said Sergey Vlasenko.

Today it became known as the “Queen of the Maidan,” met my first new year in the chamber. According to the head of the colony, a few hours before the fight clock Tymoshenko presented a program that was almost 100 names, and she was allowed to watch TV until two o’clock in the morning. However, according to its advocates, former Prime Minister feels bad.

“There is no medical care she receives. She occasionally just inject pain medication, but at the time of his use of it appear subcutaneous hemorrhage, cause we do not know. We will therefore continue to press for an independent analysis of blood,” - said Sergey Vlasenko.

However, the prison administration argues that the newcomer receives all necessary medical care. But the severity of the regime due to the fact that Tymoshenko is not only serving his sentence, which came into force, but also has the status of remand prisoners in the second case.

“Video surveillance is not prohibited by law. To carry out continuous surveillance is necessary that the cells had enough light. We have a colony of more than 80 cameras. We are responsible for the safety of all prisoners,” - said the chief Kachanovsky women’s correctional colony number 54Ivan Pervushkin.

Brightens a little stay in the colony quite tolerable living conditions. The total area of ​​the camera almost 38 square meters. There is a separate bathroom: toilet, bidet, sink and even a shower. The camera is designed for seven people, but it now, but the former prime minister, there is only one prisoner, and sentenced for economic crimes.

Today, at the gates of the Kharkov colony number 54 landed on a landing. Rada deputies, Andrei and Sergei Kozhemyakin Pashinsky, as well as attorney Vlasenko intensified already impressive group of supporters Tymoshenko ……

3 January 2012

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