Lviv is now forbidden to call the children Russian names

Lviv deputies banned from use in print advertising, speech writing and ordinary citizens diminutive forms of Russian names. From now on you can not call in Lviv own child, “Sasha,” you can only “Sasha”, “Misha” is now not only remained alive, “Mikhailik.”

The initiative of this idiotic law comes from the deputies to the “Freedom”, the famous ukronatsionalistki Irina Farion. According to her, diminutive versions of Russian names “moral harm to public health and pose a direct threat to Ukrainian students who will feel the discomfort of the difference between officially recognized literary abbreviations and common people a reality.”
“Іrinko” even went so far that in a ridiculous attempt to find the name “Lisa” diminutive form of the Ukrainian language compared it with the word “lick.”
Lviv deputies endorsed the initiative and decided to penalize all the citizens who call and write children’s names in Russian. True, the procedure for implementing this procedure is not currently developed.
As reminiscent of “News of Ukraine”, namely “Іrinko” Farion “famous” in early 2010, when visiting the gardens of Lviv, told the children that they need to “pack your bags and leave in Muscovy,” after the kids are introduced deputy Russian names .

29 December 2011

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