In Crimea, deciphered the code of the Holy Grail

With the onset of the summer season covered the Crimea “graalemaniya.” Newspapers and television tell us about the search for a mysterious artifact on the peninsula, and travel companies to advertise their tours of the booklets “places of power Grail.”

Of publications on the Internet you can find that in the summer come to the peninsula whole groups of researchers, amateurs, who, in imitation of Indiana Jones, is calculated to make the greatest archaeological discovery of all time.

6 August 2011

Ukraine bans in restaurants to keep the bears - they are forced to drink vodka
Cutting the coast near Sevastopol

• At Kryvorizhzhya found a unique monument of the Bronze Age »»»
As a result, the intelligence of archaeological work in the village Nedayvoda Krivoy Rog area, was found a stone stele with a human face About it, “Dnepropetrovsk yet.
• "Yandex" has launched the first 3D-advertising in Ukraine »»»
“Yandex” has launched the first infomercial in 3D in movie theaters in the Ukraine.
• Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea: the republic to get rid of energy dependence of Ukraine in the summer 2016 »»»
The dependency of the Crimea from the energy system of Ukraine will be resolved by the summer of 2016, promised the vice-premier of the government of the republic Ruslan Balbec.
• Apple prohibits selling their products in the Crimea because of US sanctions »»»
Apple is forbidden to sell their devices in the Crimea.
• Ukrainians entered the top five most active users of social networks »»»
Italy, France and Germany, where the spread of the Internet in two to three times that far behind.