The largest employment agency CIS announced results of its activities. And what about the others?

Recently, a large recruitment companyAnchor” has published results for 2010 While the “Anchor” is not the first time make public its financial results for employment agencies in Russia and CIS countries is in itself is unusual: to talk about their results, they are not in a hurry …

9 May 2011

Ukrainian nationalists staged a fight with the veterans
“Freedom” is preparing to hold a march in downtown Odessa

• No sadder place in the world. (Ukraine maintain its leadership in the global index of misery, Russia - in the top ten) »»»
Rising prices and unemployment - is the main economic indicators, harassing the common man.
• Kyrgyzstan receives from Russia more than $ 150 million, Ukraine requests to throw $ 4 billion for gas »»»
Russia will provide Kyrgyzstan grant financial assistance exceeding $ 150 million.
• Ukraine's Central Election Commission found grounds for a recount in the presidential elections in some areas »»»
This journalist told Deputy Chairman of the CEC Zhanna Usenko-Black. The head of the central election headquarters of Yulia Timoshenko.
• US Ambassador: Ukraine benefits from trade with Russia, and US companies are suffering losses »»»
US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette concerned that Ukraine is in no hurry to impose sanctions against Russia and continues to receive income from trade with neighbors.
• Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel are charged with conspiracy »»»
Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel and several large IT-companies are accused of conspiracy: according to the Anti-Monopoly Committee.