RF invited Ukraine to pay for gas in rubles

Ukraine and Russia are discussing a partial shift in the calculations for natural gas from dollars to rubles. This was announced today, Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine “Eugene Bakulin journalists in the government. According to him, corresponding to the initiative came from the Russian side. “We estimate that given the fact that Ukraine has surplus rubles on trade balance, it would have simplified many of the issues,” - said the head of the company. According to him, the National Bank supported this proposal.

16 February 2011

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• Russia and Ukraine reached a truce gas »»»
In today’s Russian-Ukrainian talks in Kharkiv was the most acute problem has resolved a bilateral relationship - the notorious gas issue.
• Naftogaz by Gazprom put at $ 2.5 billion for the unselected gas »»»
"Gazprom" on Tuesday sent a "Naftogaz Ukraine" to pay for gas by, unselected Ukrainian company in the third quarter of 2015 on the condition of "take-or-pay", said the Russian company.
• NBU reserved money for Gazprom - the NBU Gontareva »»»
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in July 2014 reserved for its special account $ 3.
• On Friday, Naftogaz paid 786 million dollars to Gazprom (EU received the documents for transfer "Naftogaz" 786 million dollars in order to pay for Russian gas) »»»
"Naftogaz Ukrainy" sent the Russian company "Gazprom" draft supplementary agreement, suggesting change in the conditions of the contract price, volume and conditions of supply of natural gas.
• Kiev and Moscow have agreed on the possibility of payment of Russian gas in rubles. »»»
“A working meeting of heads of NBU Sergei Arbuzov with the Acting Finance Minister Anton Siluanovym, the leadership of the Central Bank and” Gazprom “.