UKRAЇNSKI REALIЇ: In China crashed Russian passenger plane from Moscow to Beijing - 285 Russians died

He looked now MediaMetrics and was amazed: the top of the rankings last hour of the next catastrophic sensation News Daily (Ukrainian saytishko attendance & lt; 5000).

Tonight, a few kilometers from the capital of China crashed passenger aircraft Airbus 330-300 companies Aeroflot, flight SU200 carrying out Moscow - Beijing with 285 passengers on board. Aircraft taking off today at 11.50 from Sheremetyevo Airport in the direction of Beijing Beijing Capital International Airport, about midnight Beijing time, vanished from the radar it reached several hundred kilometers, write the Chinese media.

Due to bad weather conditions Airbus 330-300 lost control, and disappeared from the radar, the alleged crash site have left the rescue team.

How many Russians were on board the aircraft is not known yet. The Chinese authorities have not confirmed the version about a possible terrorist attack on an airplane. Surprisingly, the Russian media still hold back information about the crash, as it was at first in Egypt. Based on research by Russian media resources, “News Daily Ukraine” first to publish the news, referring to the Chinese media.

News is updated. Recall, Beijing Capital International Airport - the largest airport in Beijing, China’s total passenger traffic and the second in the world. Located 20 km north-east of the center of Beijing.

This news immediately picks up the news portal Ukrainian REALІЇ

The question is whether it is time yet in the redesign of the site to take into account previously put forward proposals on the assessment (shovel) like “fake”?

8 January 2016

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