Growing poverty of Ukraine (Europe endlessly bored to pay the bills Maidan)

Ukrainian authorities do not justify the assistance that it is the West, and in fact did nothing to promote reforms, writes the German newspaper Deutsche Welle, which cites RIA “Novosti”.

In Berlin, give unexpectedly harsh assessment not only of the overall situation in the country, but the politicians who are currently in power in Kiev. In particular, it is the opinion of the source in the Bundestag, which explicitly states that the Ukrainian power elite is increasingly frustrated.

“We see that Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk roll down to the behavior when the chief gets to benefit from a particular solution” - leads edition of the words of the German parliamentarian (Lyashko Tymoshenko and he also mentioned a bad word).

DW writes about the recent visit to Kiev Group of MEPs, who were to assess the success of the Ukrainian leadership in the implementation of structural reforms. However, due to the lack of real results to Brussels he was not too pleased with the achievements of the “independent candidates” on evrokreslo. The commissioner of the Czech Republic Vera Yurova even noted that “Ukraine will not be a second chance to carry out important reforms.” And the success of the reform of the veil financial assistance to the country.

Another thing that Kiev, apparently, he has a low score for its assistance from the West. Thanks anyway, just does not feel. “When we now allocate 17.5 billion. Dollars, I hurt,” - lamented in an interview with the former President Viktor Yushchenko on the IMF loans. And again tighten sad song about the high mission “defender of Europe“: “Ukraine carries today the resistance not only for our national interests. It is the sole protects Europe from many degradations. If we talk about politics, diplomacy, European values, the economy, the largest cargo today took namely the Ukraine. ”

That is, everything looks as if Kiev is now all just have to pay tribute - so Maidan insanity has not spread beyond the clearly defined borders of the “Square”.

- Such a policy (to walk around with an outstretched hand) in the blood of people who now occupy leading positions in Ukraine, - commented the director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS Denis Denisov - How exactly quite intimately connected with them, and such a thing as total corruption. After all, in fact, what the Europeans were given these huge loans, these grants? They sought to ensure that Ukraine was reformed in the context of transparency. And, above all, in its economic policy. To be able to simply monitor how these funds are spent where they are going. And then to get the money back. Because it did not grant aid and loans and credits to the very specific conditions ……

29 September 2015

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