In Sevastopol ask Putin to invade Ukraine

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!
As a result of the refusal of the Ukrainian people and its democratically elected President of VF Yanukovych from signing predatory association with the European Union, Western intelligence agencies and their agents, initiated an attempt to overthrow the legitimate authority in the country. Why organized riots and proplachennye rallies in several cities of Ukraine and information attacks in the media, on the US-funded Internet resources. Such as “Left Bank” /, “Reporter” /, “UNIAN”, “true European” (up to 01.12.2013 - “Ukrainian Truth”) ua / rus /, and others.
Including the U.S. White House website posted a petition which the authors are asking President Barack Obama to carry out military intervention of U.S. forces in Ukraine to overthrow the regime of Yanukovych.
Appeal to you, and please provide military and other assistance to the brotherly people, the Government and the President of Ukraine to protect the country’s sovereignty, the Russian population of Crimea and other regions of Ukraine.
Please consult with the Government of Ukraine entering the national territory of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, to protect from the U.S. Army and NATO-vskih aggressors.
Collecting signatures from the public carried out in the urban social network “Sevastopol Chamber”

2 December 2013

“The question is not of European integration, and the struggle with the bandit regime.” Ex-Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko told “NO” as the opposition wins Yanukovych
Georgian media reported the arrival of Saakashvili in Kiev (wife of the ex-president of Georgia says that “full of energy”)

• Ukrainian town gathered in the EU without the rest of the country »»»
Ukrainian authorities Rava-Russian city, located near the border with Poland.
• Yanukovych wants to ban from entering the U.S. and the EU for refusing to European integration (on the White House website petition appeared U.S. sanctions against the leadership of Ukraine) »»»
The site appeared on the eve of the U.S. administration
• Russian counterintelligence return to Sevastopol. (FSB officials of Russia and Ukraine renew former co) »»»
Special forces of Russia and Ukraine, following the example of the two presidents are going to “restart” the relationship with each other, had deteriorated under the previous Ukrainian government.
• Tymoshenko about the threat to life Yanukovych: "He was so guarded that soon throttled" »»»
“I think that such actions of the president suggest that Yanukovych simply realizes that he is moving in the wrong direction.
• MFA of Ukraine proposes for the next three years trying to stop the country's accession to NATO »»»
The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine offered the next three years to stop the attempts of forced entry into the country’s military-political alliances.