People’s Deputy of Ukraine offered to penalize citizens for air conditioners and antennas

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law, which provides for increased penalties for violation of rules for use of buildings and living quarters. The bill proposes to increase fines for violations of rules for use of premises, stairwells, elevators, entrances, local area with a 17-51 hryvnia to the hryvnia 340-1360 for citizens and 51-119 850-1700 hryvnia to the hryvnia to officials. It is reported, “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.”
According to experts, the law gives the authorities to penalize citizens for the set without the permission of air conditioners and satellite dishes. But lawyers say it is not so simple.
“The deputies did not impose a new penalty, and increased liability for existing violations. Although it is worth noting that the majority of air conditioners and satellite dishes have installed without permits,” - said the lawyer, Michael Yumashev.
According to him, there is a rule that a person must obtain an approved project documentation for reconstruction of the facade, and a copy of the passport of the facade with installed air conditioning. Because the installation of air conditioning is equal to the reconstruction of the facade, and to conduct this type of work requires appropriate permits. But that almost nobody does, because communication with the officials may take several years.
In addition, according to the expert, there are rules which, in addition to whole-establish local government. For example, in Kiev and Kharkov, if the house is historic or cultural value can not be placed on the facade of the external units of air conditioners and satellite dishes. For all those watching the special inspection of state architectural and construction control.

18 July 2012

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