Garnyunya and Sprytko - the new face of Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, presentedStrategies for the positioning of Ukraine abroad,” developed by request of the Foreign Ministry.
According to director of information policy department Minister Oleg Voloshin, “was a relatively small budget to do something really a fashion model. This project cost us about 100 thousand dollars. This sociological research, concept development, brand book, the creation of an appropriate site.” In this case, Voloshin said that given the branding budgets of other countries, “a drop in the sea.”
The strategy developed by CFC Consulting, its main slogan - “Ukraine - openness.” “This refers to an openness to new reforms, tourism development, a willingness to participate in global processes, a willingness to invest,” - said at the presentation of creative director Yuriy Sak. The strategy contains a list of projects in various fields, which Ukraine can offer the world. This project aimed to explore Europe and the world with tourist and cultural potential of Ukraine, investment projects, the world of film and sports. According to Saka, a visual representation of the state is an important aspect. “That’s why, in its brand concept, we offer brand character” Ukraine “, namely, a girl and a boy - and Garnyunya Sprytko (approximate translation in Russian language -” Beauty “and” quick. “Celebrities are executed in a popular style of” anime “-oriented as a child and an adult audience, “- he said.

[Note to myself - in compiling brandbook they were asked to read at least one foreigner and say aloud - Garnyunya and Sprytko? And by the way, not every pop-eyed garbage deserve to be called “anime”.]

25 March 2011

Kuchma said that he was charged in the case of Gongadze
Diamond or a festering sore? National Geographic are not fond of the Crimea

• Russia returned to the Crimea. (Greening the economy of the peninsula will take specialists from Moscow) »»»
Strategy for socio-economic development of the Crimea will develop a team of Russian scientists and economists invited by the Council of Ministers of autonomy.
• EU and U.S. plan to invest in the infrastructure of Crimea »»»
This was reported by the official representative of the EU in the Crimea Enzo Damiani during the investment forum “The Rebirth of Crimea.
• Nemiroff Ukrainian owners put up for sale »»»
Owners holding Ukrainian Nemiroff, who is one of the largest producers of vodka in the world, are going to sell the company.
• Ukraine will create a public Linux »»»
In order to save budget in Ukraine will develop a package of open source software for government agencies.
• New way of saving in times of crisis - club exchange baby clothes MamaBoom »»»
Kid grows, and with it the growth of its needs and interests.