In response to the proposal, Shimon Peres, Ukraine forget your past Oleg Tyagnibok advised Israel to forget the Holocaust

President Shimon Peres spoke at the club cabinet. Listen and communicate with 87-year-old Nobel laureate came to Ukrainian politicians, representatives of the Jewish community, experts say. “My first advice would be if I lived in Ukraine - it is to forget the past” - said Perez. According to the Israeli president, too much attention to history can not think about the future and take steps that are really important today.

“He had some very deep thoughts, very unexpected - that stop thinking about your past, think about your future. I think these words are not so easy to do, but people need to think about it,” - said president of the Center for Economic Development Alexander Paskhaver.

The leader of the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok called council Israeli president crazy, absurd and idiotic. Tyagnibok said that in this case, the Israelis would be logical to forget the tragedy of the Holocaust.

The leader of the Liberty said that the issue of Holodomor of 1932-33 can not be separated from high politics. In his opinion, the correct solution of historical problems depends on what the textbooks would be nurtured Ukrainian children. Hence, a proper understanding of the past determines the future of the country. “Moscow and its lackeys, the fifth column in Ukraine are well aware that if you recognize the Holodomor - an end to them - said Tyagnibok. - Then it will be clear villainous, anti-human essence of the Moscow empire.”

Earlier, leaders of other nationalist organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, has publicly demanded that the Jews and the Russian “a public apology and remorse” for the Holodomor in Ukraine 30-ies, as well as “moral and financial compensation” for it is from Israel and Russia.

26 November 2010

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