Ukrainian media: the residents of South Ossetia have pity on secession from Georgia

Residents of South Ossetia have pity on secession from Georgia as the Georgian side, in contrast to Russia, was able to demonstrate a successful and rapid recovery of war-torn territories.

This writes the Ukrainian newspaper “Day”.

“In South Ossetia, designed to be a showcase of recovery after brief war with Georgia, sent billions of rubles, and success is very slight. While cursed every day in the Russian media Saakashvili’s regime is reached in the resettlement of refugees such success that many South Ossetians want to have in Georgia, “- says the publication.

The newspaper stresses that cause failures of Russia is a corruption of officials. That is why Moscow can not stabilize the economic situation in their Caucasian republics, where the continuing terrorist attacks.

“Russian authorities are trying to appease the North Caucasus to solve social problems, as it sees cause problems in the region of high unemployment and general insecurity of life. To this end, announced large-scale investment projects aimed at least to mitigate identified problems. In principle, this could have some effect However, everything depends on the old Russian problem. In this case it is not just about fools and roads, and in the all-encompassing corruption. money is allocated, the officials are appointed, and the case is not moving, “- wrote” The Day “.

“Who’s the sober mind and memory of the possible foreign investors, who by hook or by crook, the latter is more, lured to the North Caucasus, will invest their money, if tomorrow they could turn into a crater from the explosion. In addition, promised to assist the President and Prime located in distant Moscow, as greedy and arrogant officials next, and do not intend “- says the Ukrainian edition.

14 September 2010

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