In Ukraine, a revolution is brewing tariff. The Government has approved a series of unpopular measures.

Pending decisions on the allocation of IMF Ukraine new loan of almost $ 15 billion, the Ukrainian government approved a series of unpopular measures, says Tatiana Ivzhenko in today’s issue of the Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Since August 1 in the country at 50% increase gas prices for households and enterprises Teplocommunenergo and budget contribute to the industry will lose some benefits. Experts believe that this is not the last blow to the wallets of Ukrainians, by the end of the year prices will rise yet again.

Vice-Premier Sergei Tigipko recently reported that a meeting of the Board of Directors of the IMF, during which will be considered a new credit program for Ukraine will be held on July 28. According to him, the mission recommended that the management of the Fund IMF to approve the program, under which Ukraine expects to receive 14.9 billion dollars over two and a half years.
Political analyst Sergei Taran agree that the government has dealt a crushing blow to their reputation. “Assuming that the elections scheduled for October in the local authorities will be held fairly and transparently, then won a convincing victory to the opposition, and the central government would have had a powerful opponent in the face of regional structures. However, it relies on administrative resources, and people in protest likely will not go to the local elections. The low turnout will play into the hands of the ruling Party of Regions. Therefore, the fall is unlikely that anything will change radically, “- the expert believes. In his view, the situation in Ukraine, intensifies in the spring, when after the heating period of severe financial and people come out to protest.

16 July 2010

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