Law enforcers were identikit of a man who bombed the Stalin monument in Kiev - turned humanoid:)

Law enforcers were identikit of a man who is suspected of committing a terrorist attack on the territory of Zaporizhzhya Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine - undermining Stalin monument.

As reported by the SBU, the investigation determined that the offense has committed an unidentified person who looked like this: a man in appearance, about 20-30 years, height 170-190 cm, weighing about 80 kg, short cropped hair, was dressed in a short jacket with a hood of gray (on the sleeves of lightning (reflective) insert), a hat, knitted dark color, black gloves, blue jeans with white spots.

Ukrainian users have already “completed the picture”

27 January 2011

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• Ukrainian Communists intend to establish a monument to Stalin in Zaporozhye »»»
Monument to Joseph Stalin will be installed in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye before May 9.
• In Zaporozhye half an hour before the New Year blew a monument to Stalin »»»
Yesterday, December 31, around 23:30 unknown blew up a monument
• The Communists put up a monument to Stalin and in Odessa, to restore the "cult of personality" »»»
“We want to Odessa, in the best sense of the word.
• The blogger claimed to undermine Stalin monument in Kiev »»»
Ukrainian blogger kikhot1953 declared himself responsible for the New Year to undermine the monument to Joseph Stalin in Zaporizhia.
• Mathematician Perelman made a symbol of poor pensioner »»»
In Nikolayev on promotional booths featuring a picture of the world-famous mathematician Grigori Perelman.