“I am proud to have worked for the KGB. I like this service very much in my life has given.” - Acting Kiev mayor Oleksandr Popov

He said he had been “an interesting topic, the economy, foreign trade activities.” Clarify details of Acting Mayor and rumored future president of this administration. did not. “You know that a lot do not tell” - he told reporters.

“I retired from service in 1993. I learned a lot, because the footage while preparing at the highest level, and I am much in handy in the life of the things I was taught”

Following the appointment of First Deputy Chairman of Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) Popov main issue will be the administrative reform in the city.

Power to think seriously over the redistribution of capital, but the head area will remain in their seats until the end of the year a decree on appointment of the first zammera Alexander Popov, the head of KCSA will be released at the end of the week.

Recall parliament voted in favor of separation of powers elected by the people the mayor and chief of staff.

6 November 2010

The new tax code or the death of small and medium business
Prosecutor General of Ukraine has demanded to hold re-examination Yushchenko’s blood

• President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych sacked the mayor of Kiev Chernivtsi (Deja vu?) »»»
President Viktor Yanukovych has appointed Alexander Popov, chairman of the Kyiv city state administration.
• Kiev city council accepted the resignation of Mayor Chernovetsky »»»
Kyiv City Council took note of the resignation of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Leonid Chernovetsky.
• Attorney General called the guilty in the dispersal of the Maidan and told how it was »»»
"The first results of the investigation give us the right to say that on the night of 29 to 30 November.
• Ukrainian politician offers to move the capital from Kiev Kanev »»»
Ukrainian politician Boris Kolesnikov presented a version of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which the country is supposed to transfer the capital from Kiev Kanev, "Interfax-Ukraine".
• In Kiev, took up the plan of evacuation in case of flood »»»
The head of Kiev administration Alexander Popov instructed to take measures in anticipation of the upcoming snow melt, which can lead to flooding in some areas of the city, writes “Today.