Lawlessness in the sea: as Odessa has turned into the criminal capital of Ukraine

In the first quarter of 2016 in Odessa and the region recorded an unprecedented surge of crime. Guilty, as always, was Russia. According to the deputy chief of police patrol the city, it is the influence of Russia is explained by a sharp increase in crime.

Odessa could never boast excellent marks for behavior. South Port temperamental cosmopolitan city. That explains a lot. In imperial times Odessa was one of five crime capital of the Russian Empire. However, neither before nor after the revolution Odessa criminals did not allow himself to go beyond propriety thieves. And if it happened some excesses, it was always some Colonel Gotsman Off-screen, which put in place the criminal world.

But today’s Odessa everything irretrievably out of control of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine.

disappointing statistics

Indicators of offenses over the past few years does not inspire optimism. According to the General Statistics Department of the Odessa region, in 2014 the crime rate in the region is growing steadily. So, in 2015, it was recorded by 21% of criminal offenses more than in 2014. And already in the first four months of 2016 has been broken criminal record: the total number of crimes increased by 45% compared to the same period of 2015 and amounted to 16,603 episodes.

This crime is becoming increasingly fierce. “The main problem - the growth of serious and very serious crimes,” - commented on the situation RT ex-deputy of the City Council of Odessa, publicist Alexander Vassiliev. The number of especially grave crimes has increased from 353 to 717, serious - from 4379 to 6295. The number of murders increased by 76%, rape - twice.

As for crime detection, the picture here is just the opposite: in the first four months of 2016 were charged with 1535 persons involved in criminal cases in the same period 2015 - 3314.

In fairness it should be noted that crime in Odessa grew and Yanukovych, but not in such catastrophic proportions, and did not differ postmaydannoy cruelty. “Nothing like that happened when Yanukovych”, - RT Vasilyev said.

At the same time, speaking about the crime situation in the city, all the experts take out the brackets of the event May 2, 2014 - as a blatant and do not fit into any framework. But they have become a symbol of the beginning of the current “Odessa lawlessness.”

Big hopes

And how rosy it all began! Peter Poroshenko was going resolutely and uncompromisingly fight crime in Odessa with the support of the new governor: “For those who are afraid of bringing order, these fears are very reasonable, and those concerns will not stop me and I have appointed the head of the Odessa State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili.”

Ukrainian President called for and a new head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Odessa region, Giorgi Lortkipanidze to combat corruption in the region: “I look forward to an effective fight against crime and corruption in his home for my region Task Giorgi - form of Ukrainian specialists effective team that deal a blow to the Odessa area of ​​crime. “.

There was even started cleaning the exponential series: Avakov dismissed for a bribe Head of the Odessa City Interior Ministry.

Disturbances in the upper echelons

However, hopes were not justified. Turning a blind eye to the situation was no longer possible. And at the end of last year, the adviser head of the State Natspolitsii Odessa region Vladislav Serdyuk said that the crime rate in the city is close to critical. And earlier this year, he also noted the catastrophic statistics on crime in Odessa. “Over the past week, from 29 February to 6 March, in Odessa, the city committed a robbery 53, disclosed three, and 17 hijackings, disclosed 0. Continued I am in favor of reform, but not at this price.”, - Informed Serdyuk.

In late April, after being beaten by protesters in front of the City Hall and the firing of the grenade one of Odessa banks Poroshenko instructed to enter in Odessa about a thousand police and the National Guard under “for the protection of public order.”

But to live in a state of emergency can not be permanently mode. June 17 arrived in the city the head of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko and excoriated Odessa law enforcement officers: “I do not understand the situation that has evolved with the crime I commend Mr. Lordkipanidze sympathy because he had problems with the investigators and staff, but this increase in crime, I do not. seen anywhere else in Ukraine, for example, in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, even looting growth, robberies, thefts with penetration -. plus 30 plus 40. you -. at times I honestly do not even remember in the ’90s such numbers. ”

As a panacea Lutsenko prosecutors offered to quit on their own. He also condemned the way of life of Odessa investigators, not corresponding to their official income.

However, as told RT Director of the Institute of Global Strategies, a political analyst Vadim Karasev, “Lutsenko statements were connected in order to weaken Saakashvili, who led his team of security officials in Odessa.”

What’s the matter?

In determining the causes of the current crime situation in the Odessa region, experts are unanimous. “This is not just a problem of Odessa - said RT Vadim Karasev - Crime rose throughout Ukraine and has become more rigorous There are several reasons:. Stagnating economy, falling incomes and jobs; the total social and political instability, the proliferation of weapons of ATO zone then.. many former volunteers and volunteers, coming back home, met with a lack of jobs, and start searching for illicit enrichment. ”

“Two more reasons - institutional, - Alexander Vasiliev said -. The first - the adoption of the so-called law Savchenko, which transforms time spent in custody in jail time is counted daily two As a result, the real terms cut many convicts were released and now… join the ranks of Ukrainian criminal second -. MIA reform, repression of professional staff and their replacement by non-professional. ”

It turned out to fight crime, is not enough to rename the police to police and change shape.

“New Police disclosed only a few crimes:. Two or three robbery two months of work While this is only a beautiful picture-timurovtsi angels for grandmothers,” - he said after the beginning of the transformation of Odessa MIA Vladislav Serdyuk.

Most clearly of police reform in the air of the First Channel of the Odessa he described the head of the Kiev District Court of Odessa Sergey Chvankin. According to him, the Odessa police have died as a result of ongoing reforms. “For three months in 2016 was robbery more than in all of 2014 - he continued -. At this rate, we choke with crime, and the next, 2017 will be terrible in the criminal respect.”

However, one of the initiators of the reform - the head of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze - a different opinion: the growth statistics of crimes related to the fact that the police began to record absolutely all cases.

The last “cut” in Odessa

And of course, we can not say on the basis of economic crime in Odessa. City - one of the last “not sawn” until the end of tidbits of Ukraine. And behind it there is a fierce struggle. Only in the battle for the port interests converged Titans Ukrainian politics - Kolomoisky, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko. Its objectives pursued and Saakashvili.

“In Odessa, spinning a lot of money, - said Vadim Karasev -. Odessa - it’s four major ports, customs, the largest market,” the seventh kilometer, “There has always been a fairly serious level of organized crime the summer come to rest and pickpockets from all over Ukraine City complex…. City polarized. strong position “Right sector” and the pro-Russian politicians. It provokes the general instability, and therefore, increased crime situation, the emergence of forces and groups that work on the intersection of politics and crime. ”

Once again about Russia

Returning to the thesis of the deputy chief of the patrol police of Odessa that a sharp increase in delinquency blame Russian influence, I want to once again draw the attention of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on Statistics.

In the southern regions of the Russian, of course, there is a paradise of well-being. But all is learned in comparison. For example, in the Rostov region (Rostov-dad, by the way, was also a member of the five crime capital of the Russian Empire), the number of crimes in relation to the population in more than two times less than in Odessa. So maybe, instead of accusing Russia of all mortal sins, Odessa law enforcement officers should take off her example?

Ilya Ogandzhanov

7 July 2016

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