Hope Savchenko can join a gay parade in Kiev

The organizers of the gay pride parade in Kiev Ukrainian servicemen were invited, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko take part in KievPrayde 2016, which will take place on 12 June. This was reported by the head of the security department of the event Ruslana Panuhnik.

“If you want to Savchenko, we will be happy to see her” - leads the Ukrainian portal “Vesti”, the words Panuhnik.

She also spoke about the participation in the LGBT parade at least five Ukrainian deputies.

“There is a group in the parliament, which is called the Euro-optimists, there will come Zaleschuk Svetlana, Sergei Leshchenko, Alex Mushak This and other sectarian association of deputies.” - Said Panuhnik.

8 June 2016

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