In Syria, destroyed by Bandera

While as prokievskie media are competing with each other in horrific forecasts the fate of Russia in connection with its participation in the operation to destroy the “Islamic State” (IG) - banned in the Russian company, the news stunned the world of the appearance of the Ukrainians among the terrorists.

Press service of Defense Ministry of the Syrian Arab Republic (UAR) reported that in the liberated villages of Kafr Azhuz and Kafr Delbo found the remains of two fighters on the elements of equipment that has symbols specified European state.

“A detailed study of the skin corpses showed the presence of one of these tattoos on the shoulder of his right hand in the form of a stylized emblem of Ukraine, where the central tooth is made in the form of a raised sword” … “The dead militants were of European appearance. One white hair (” straw “) color light blue (” gray “) eyes, light skin with old traces of pigmentation on the shoulders, typical of sunburns 1-2 uh-month-old. The second - brown hair, bright blue eyes, light skin nezagorevshaya, that speaks about his recent arrival in the region, “…

The most noteworthy is the fact that “both corpses equipment mixed type with a predominance of items of clothing NATO ground forces used in desert and semi-desert areas … On the left shoulder in place chevrons stripes they wore khaki depicting a trident on the background of a stylized flag with a two-color horizontal stripes.

The environment in which these dead bodies were found, evidence that the gunmen wore its symbols openly demonstrating their ethnicity Ukrainians “…

In circumstances of the “finds” under investigation. But now “the analysis of the data showed the presence in the terrorist group IG Outdoor Action Ukrainian fighters …”. “This situation is not conducive to the establishment of peace on the Syrian land and undermine the folding over the years the trust. In addition, aiding terrorists by individual citizens of Ukraine, creating for the country a threat to national security, which is expressed in the possibility of exporting extremism on its territory.”

Well, perhaps, the fate of the two parts of the Slavic people really inseparable, even if on the other “end” of the Earth they met. Albeit opposite each other …


24 October 2015

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