Interior Minister gives a daily security firms for disarmament

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that private security firms have 24 hours to disarm and not to use firearms.

“I give all security companies 24 hours - to get rid of double-triple treatments - bring their activities in a flawless canvas, in accordance with the letter of the law. The reference to wartime anxiety will not justify violations - and afflict them,” - he wrote on the page in the ” Facebook “.

He emphasized that now the Interior Ministry tightens control mode to the rightful owners of hunting firearms. “Firearms in public places is allowed to wear only to employees of the state security services. None of the security of private entities under the laws of Ukraine has no right to firearms,” ​​- said the head of the Interior Ministry.

Avakov also warned security firms: “The establishment of the connection licensed security functions using weapons of individuals registered as a hunting - will not be tolerated as an illegal action. Such security firms and individuals will punish - revocation of the license for security activity for businesses; withdrawal of the authorization on hunting weapons and confiscation of weapons from a private owner - the owner. ”

“On the streets of cities will not wander personal protection group of businessmen and politicians - with a firearm. This applies to all and quasi” patriots “and the real patriots, and big businessmen and oligarchs. I - personally - Kolomoisky, Pinchuk, Akhmetov, Yeremeev Surkis , Hryhoryshyn and other … Want to have the protection of your business with a firearm? - strictly according to the law - attracts a police state security service. Other - will be suppressed, “- said the head of the Interior Ministry. on the page in the “Facebook”.

24 March 2015

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