Mine is - this is war, if not kill, it hurts. Miner’s Story

… Barefoot on dirty floor go to the “dirty” bath department, where the change into work clothes. If, after yesterday’s failed to deliver change underwear …

… the laundry, get into tight robe of frozen mud, the smell of sweat, solidola soaked in coal dust and breed. It is an unpleasant sensation. This is the first “taste” the life of a miner[/t[t:tag slug=shaxta]miner … “.

The other day I talked for a long time with a simple peasant, a miner, slogger. It’s no secret that the coal industry in Ukraine is going through is not the best of times. In 2008, coal mines were fatally injured one hundred seventy-four man. But how do than ordinary miners live today? Want to know? I turn on the recorder to playback and …

- Write, right? For me, Max, the morning begins with four hours of chatter with the first alarm. Dark yet. Force myself to get up. Get up oh so you do not want. But no choice - my wife on maternity leave, one year old daughter, so I have a family breadwinner, - says Sergey Ivanenko (names changed), a hereditary miner. - To get to the place of work for about twenty kilometers by bus. I try to pokemarit in the back seat. But here we drive to the mine yard. A huge number of people - in the first shift work almost two thousand people. As streams, miners flocking to “leak” into the ground.

First of all, I hasten to take a bath in the basket - is welded iron boxes under lock and key for clean clothes. Theft is thriving. Stealing phones and money. There were times when robbed the miners had to go back home to work boots and overalls.

After that - the total break. Since smoking polls nearly two thousand people, it seems that the earth veiled autumnal morning a white mist. Nicotine spirit rises above the buildings. The sight of all that …

Then in the “elegant” - to get the job. You know, there are different heads. Sometimes a cry is heard from the cabinet on the entire floor. Obmaterit considered commonplace. And we are accustomed to it. Many of the mat without the two words can not, as, indeed, already half of Ukraine. But on mine offensive to justify poor working conditions.

2 June 2012

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• Mining work »»»
Paradoxically, it’s a fact! Ukrainians accustomed to the death of miners.
• Union: the miners in Lviv want to block border crossing with Poland »»»
Striking miners in the Lviv region on January 12 decided to close the border crossing with Poland.
• Ukraine has decided to heat with coal, not with Russian gas »»»
Ukraine plans to convert all of its thermal power station with gas to coal.
• Makhno 2012 used gas (in Ukraine put to sleep and robbed the passengers of corporate structure, which went to the Crimea) »»»
All-Ukrainian row, and two days of painful reflection of the Ukrainian militia were required to still bring a criminal case on the daring robbery of the holiday train.
• Al Jazeera showed the inhumane working conditions in the Donbass »»»
Channel Al-Jazeera (!) Took a series of documentaries “Working Man’s Death” of the countries with the most inhuman working conditions in the 21 st century.