Ukrainian doctors are shocked by stupid and sick recruits

Medical examination in shock - most of the guys are sick, unable to think logically and intelligently written.
Physicians who participate in military medical commissions Ukrainian military office, sounding the alarm because of the poor state of health of conscripts, their low literacy polls and numerous violations of logical thinking.

As the chairman military-medical commission of the Kiev military office, Vladimir Witkowski, because of the “quiet” of alcoholism, which is now affecting large numbers of young people, the recruits are increasingly diagnosed with gastritis, ulcers and diabetes.

“Strokes younger, and are heart attacks in 18 years” - he said.

According to him, global computerization and sedentary lifestyles have led to problems with vision that today one third of young men of military age, excess weight affects about 40% of boys, and curvature of the spine to 10 degrees recorded in almost all.

In addition to health problems for current recruits almost no logical thinking, said psychiatrist Vladimir Shchukin of Clinical Psychiatric Hospital № 1. He participates in the military-medical commission for the past 18 years. One sign of this - the inability to explain the meaning of proverbs.

“In Soviet times it was considered a sign of possible retardation, and a recruit at once sent for further examination. Now we do not do: problem with proverbs - almost not at all. Who interprets them literally, who - as something” - he said , noting that today’s recruits are still illiterate, and without exception.

11 November 2011

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