Odessa kleptomany hunt for road signs

Since the beginning of this year in Odessa stolen 50 road signs. This was during a press conference the chief of specialized assembly-operating company (SMEP) Yuri Cherdakliev.

According to him, the road signs in Odessa disappear permanently, but police had not taken any steps to catch thieves.

On the question of why stealing road signs, Yuri Cherdakliev undecided.

“Is it the sports interest, whether kleptomania is a disease - I do not know” - he replied.

In addition, according to the chief SMEP, YTD Odessa lovers quick ride was demolished five traffic lights.

4 October 2010

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UEFA has agreed to hold the final of Euro 2012 in Kiev

• Unit "Cobra" was trying to impose a fine governor of Odessa for traffic violations. I could not. »»»
Governor of Odessa region, Eduard Matviychuk yesterday morning trying to fine the special forces GAI “Cobra”.
• In the city of Nikolayev canceled amber »»»
SAI of Ukraine carries out an unusual experiment. Traffic police Nikolaeva lifted the warning yellow signal lights.
• In Sevastopol, Ukrainian unknown fixed road signs on Russian »»»
On the night of December 9, unknown changed the inscription on road signs at the entrance to Sevastopol from Yalta and Kamyshovskogo along the highway.
• Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan join the nuclear power industry »»»
Ukraine returns to the program of cooperation with Russia in the sphere of nuclear energy.
• In the Ukraine, are developing new SDA. Tired drivers want to bulldoze a drunk. »»»
GAI published the new draft of the Highway Code. He is still being finalized.