New way of saving in times of crisis - club exchange baby clothes MamaBoom

Kid grows, and with it the growth of its needs and interests. And consequently, the costs of parents. And so want to give his daze all the best! .. But it is always whether we can afford it, given the period of crisis, when prices are rising much faster than children.
It is known that during the crisis - this time for the birth of unique ideas. In America, the idea of parents to share children’s things: toys, clothes and other children’s utensils, so to save money while most develop their children. Now this idea has reached Ukraine and was embodied in the draft MamaBoom (
MamaBoom - a club of active moms, created by parents for parents to share things, toys, information, advice and ideas.
MamaBoom specializes in sharing toys, but the range also represented mats, straps, developmental centers, strollers, etc. It is widely represented in the club toys known global brands, because of excellent quality, durability and usefulness of toys for the multifaceted development of the child.
Member may be anyone to do this, simply bring the already irrelevant childish things and if you want to exchange them for items that interest from the club. The number of exchanges is not limited by anything except your desire.
Membership offers the following amenities and benefits:
* Savings. There is no need to buy toys, spending 200, 300, 400 and more hryvnia. You just bring your bags and head for a symbolic payment of services to exchange them for goods from the club, which can cost the same 200, 300, 400 and more hryvnia. Amount of money saved in this way depends entirely on you.
* CONVENIENCE. Do not waste your time and efforts to sell unnecessary toys and find a suitable for purchase. You simply contact the manager MamaBoom.
* Diversity. You can always take the club new toys for your baby and give that kid already mastered and outgrown. Thus, to continually novelty and variety in the world of the child, stimulate its development.
* COMFORT. Eliminates the problem of clogged with unnecessary things cabinets. Unnecessary things just will not!
In addition, club members have the opportunity to use the discounts provided to partners MamaBoom and receive counseling child psychologist.
Also through to by MamaBoom anyone can sell already outdated children’s clothing, shoes and other children’s utensils, without effort, without wasting their time and money.
Join and Save!

3 June 2010

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