Russian tolerance: Why fan Bandera “dismisses” the Moscow teachers?

Run-on first look event that occurred the other day in one of Moscow’s kindergartens, exposed the serious problem of contemporary Russian society. Recently, “Russian political” wrote about the dangers associated with getting to the Russian Ukrainian saboteurs. But even within the borders of Russia it has long concealed no less, and perhaps even a great threat to the security and prosperous future of our country.

Published on the portal “Reedus” article in a matter of hours became a hit Runet. Here it is: “Ukrainka require dismiss kindergarten teacher in Moscow for about WWII songs.” Material “dragged” to the currently popular network resources users “Yaplakal” and “Peekaboo”, after which he had already begun to spread like wildfire.

The essence of what happened, in short, is as follows. In Moscow kindergarten at gymnasium № 1539 scandal. Parent of a child is troubled patriotic repertoire of songs that puts the teacher in the classroom rhythm. She claimed not to use in the classroom in the garden, “the Soviet military pop” (a song about the Great Patriotic War and VDV). it also did not accept the fact that on May 9 celebration of children dressed in Soviet military uniforms. Resentment hater Russian patriotism has gone so far that it began to demand to dismiss disagreeable teacher to review the Victory Day celebration program and eventually wrote about what is happening in the name of the grammar school leadership a formal complaint.

The rest of the kindergartners parents have decided not to stand aside from the conflict and appealed to the leadership of the gymnasium with a collective appeal in support of the teacher.

Urgency of the situation makes the fact that the main protagonist of the scandal in the status page in social networks was the phrase “Banderіvka listening.” And also the fact that in the “Learn” and “Facebook”, she complained of problems with the FMS on the registration documents confirming its right to stay in Russia.

Many Internet users was perceived simply the situation - they say, “has arrived in Russia banderovka-zapadenka with Ukraine and the right pumps, which looks FMS, kick up the backside to Kiev.”

In practice, it was much more difficult. Evgeny Davydov - it is not “any zarobitchanka”, and the lady even mentioned in the context of their family links in Wikipedia, the person is generally very, very famous.

Childhood and adolescence Eugenia Davydova (nee - Evgeniya Andreevna Prokopyuk, born in 1981) took place not in Galicia, and even not in Kiev, and has become today the Russian town of Feodosiya, Crimea. And, relatively speaking, Eugene comes from the local “intellectual beau monde”. Her mother - the owner and for some time now editor in chief of Feodosia “Kafanews” newspaper. Judging by the photos “OpenID”, Eugene from an early age led “bohemian life” and adhere to the “free opinion”, which ended for her cohabitation with godivshimsya her grandfather Russian liberal writer Viktor Yerofeyev, which Eugene lived for nine years, and that she gave birth daughter Maya. As a relative of the famous writer and she fell to the Russian Wikipedia. During this period the life of Eugene has been well received in the circles of the Russian and Ukrainian “elite” and was engaged in photography under the pseudonym Jack Dürer worked on “Ostankino” and freelancers in the “Ogonyok”. Then, after breaking up with Yerofeyev, she told me in an interview that the “husband” was disgusted with her physically, he deprives her financially and forced to perform oral sex in which she told him flatly refused and disgust … Why would bind nine years life with a man who she was fit to grandparents? The answer to this question let each one find himself …

As a result, Erofeev picked up a companion for another 6 years younger than Eugene. And Eugene came in Moscow married and gave birth to a second child. During the period of cohabitation with Yerofeyev she did not really addressed the issue of registration of Russian citizenship. Now - I puzzled with their official status. Contrary to the misconceptions of many commentators, most likely, Evgeny Davydov has a Russian passport on a right. After all this time, she will most likely was a Ukrainian passport with Theodosia residence permit, which is now theoretically allows it to obtain Russian citizenship. Furthermore, she - the daughter, wife and mother of Russian citizens. Therefore, to expel her none of the legitimate right there. And even if it for some reason do not give a passport as krymchanke, acquisition of Russian citizenship for her - just a matter of time.

What generally associates with Ukraine lady, who had spent all his life in the Crimea and Moscow, and all of whose close relatives - citizens of the Russian Federation? In fact - only ideology. Today, she tried to hide from your page Russophobian traces of activity and is justified by saying that the claims against the teacher she had only about too “aggressive” sound of music. But unfortunately Evgeniya screenshots from the forums and cache - remember everything. And it is always possible to scroll through the blogs a little bit and see what she had written earlier.

And there - and recognition that she banderovka, and hatred for residents of Donbass and the enthusiastic support of terrorists from the Maidan, and the true cause of conflict in the kindergarten. Soviet war songs Eugene hatred called “blatnyakom”. Therefore, all its justification “Vkontakte” about the fact that it only confused “rhythm” - nothing more than a blatant cynical lie. With regard to hatred by May 9, Eugene did not even justified - perhaps her comments on the matter have heard too many.

And the trouble is not quite that Eugene - “Ukrainian” or “citizen of Ukraine”. Citizens of Ukraine today in arms defending the idea of ​​Russian world in the Donbass, the citizens of Ukraine were burning in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukrainian citizens sit on the political articles in the detention center of Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, citizens at the time Ukraine has raised the “Russian spring” in the Crimea.
The trouble is that a small, but quite a noticeable percentage of “Bandera” has among the Russians themselves. It is especially noticeable that percentage - in the capital.

A former roommate Davydova Yerofeyev - known “exposer” of the Soviet Union. You know what the word is, in his “Encyclopedia of the Russian soul”? No? But such:

“Russian should be beaten with a stick.
Russian should be shot.
Russian should be smeared on the wall.
Otherwise, they will cease to be Russian. ”

And these:

“Russian - shameful nation.”

And that’s exactly Yerofeyev, by the way, was made for the surrender of the besieged Leningrad, Hitler infamous transmission on the channel “Rain”, due to which the latter have been in big trouble.

On pages Eugenia - photos Guelman gallery in which monkeys pinned veterans of the Great Patriotic War awards and Makarevich, known for his exploits in the Ukraine.

That’s all - citizens of Russia. And not just citizens, and people who are “moral compass” for a specific audience …

In the “Vkontakte” and “Facebook” - on thousands of pages belonging to the very real Russians, howl about “wool”, “Colorado”, “scoops” offensive pictures to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, US flags, adjacent to the flags of the Third Reich, the glorification of Bandera and neo-Nazi symbolism regiment “Azov”. In the regiment, by the way, are fighting including Russian citizens. Thousands of kilometers from the border with Ukraine, Novosibirsk, adhere to pro-Western nationalist views of young people (among whom were the children of high-ranking officials) painted Nazi symbols and Ukrainian national colors memorials to those killed in the Great Patriotic War. What, then, too, will be on the FMS nod?

Migration Board, alas, in this case, powerless. It is, as mentioned above, often talking about the citizens of Russia. And this kind of audience can be a serious threat - as it is active, aggressive and easily mobilized in extreme circumstances. When an emergency situation in the country, it can play a major destructive role. In addition, these people have a devastating effect on the minds of adolescents infected with boyish, and are not capable yet to critically assess the reality.

It is clear that resist the spread of Russian in the “Bandera” and other fascist views you should use the education society - and especially children and youth. But this may not be enough. The official position of young people sometimes seem “boring”, and sweeping views of shocking - in their eyes have a special glamor. Therefore, it should carry on making such changes in the Russian legislation, which will allow to strictly prevent any form of extremist propaganda.

First, the memory of the Great Patriotic War and other great events in the history of our nation, as well as - honor veterans - should be protected by law, and not nominally, but in reality. If vestments for monkeys in uniforms with medals will shine ten years in prison - 999 out of 1000 controversial promoters refuse to conduct offensive actions.

Secondly, you need to be clearly defined who and what we considered to be “fascists,” “Nazis” and “extremists”. And also - that we have an extremist symbols. And not as it is today - on a formal basis, and taking into account the context. The law is to fix long-established truth by historians - such as the fact that Bandera and Shukhevych were Nazi collaborators and servants. Any of their glorification should be likened to propaganda of fascism. Moreover, sanctions should follow the references of such individuals specifically outside the critical context for their praise, and not for general publication of portraits or encyclopedic biographies. Critically analyze the activities of Hitler or Bandera should be possible indefinitely. But tell that some of them “well done” - welcome to justice.

Third, citizens themselves need to be proactive in identifying illegal actions. They saw that a person promotes Nazism in the network - showed their civic position and reported it in the face of law enforcement agencies. And do not think that it’s supposedly “ugly” or “immoral”. “Ugly” it was when the fans Bandera burned people in Odessa and “ugly” would be, if they decide to repeat it in Moscow. There are no moral restrictions in relation to the bastards, justifying heinous crimes should not be - then they can do too much.

Evgeny Davydov behaved as led - from impunity. Know it, that her insults to the memory address of the war, the defenders of the motherland and the fascist propaganda to her inevitable legal punishment is applied - it would have behaved very differently. Davydova Say something like this on the Russian military music on her beloved Ukraine to address atoshnikov-killers or collaborators of the UPA - it would be about this very quickly regretted. So, maybe we should meet the Nazi propagandists in their own language?

21 April 2016

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