Ukraine is going to deprive the children taken from the NPT, parental custody without trial

Children taken out of the Kiev authorities in the summer of last year proclaimed the People’s Republic of Donetsk can get status without parental custody without trial. This was told Adviser to the Head DNI child rights Ian Chepikova.

“The Ukrainian government has come up with the” Act on child arriving from areas (military operation), according to which, if a child has no documents, no one behind him does not arrive, then, a special act, and the baby becomes deprived of parental care “, - quotes its words Donetsk news agency.

Chepikova noted that such a decision Kyiv authorities can take without the procedure of deprivation of parental rights. “A child can take care of, to issue a foster family or family-type orphanage state institutions with living parents. And this is a crime,” - said Adviser to the Head of DNR.

According to her, the upcoming talks in Minsk Contact Group DNI authorities are planning to raise the issue of return to the republic previously exported Kiev children. “We are preparing this issue with the Ombudsman DNI Daria Morozova,” - said Chepikova.

In the summer of 2014 from the territory of the DNI were taken at least 68 children to the alleged improvement in Svyatogorsk. During the year the total number held by the Ukrainian side of young natives of Donbass managed to return only one child.

1 July 2015

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