Washington happen to sweep the Ukrainian elite to Poroshenko

The last two weeks have passed in the Ukraine under the sign of stripping Americans of all those elements that do not fit into their scheme of further conflict with Russia. It says that after the failure of the previous strategy pull Russia into a civil war in Ukraine, analyzed the situation, the Americans have moved to a new strategy in which Ukraine will be designated as a battering ram against Russia. As a result of this line, we can not exclude the possibility that for the retraction of Russia into the war on the territory of Ukraine, Ukraine APU receive the order to attack Russia.

We note the following most significant elements of the new US strategy in the Ukrainian direction. Seeing the traditional hetman confrontation at all levels of the Ukrainian government, which has become too noticeable and annoying for the people on the background of the lack of visible and tangible successes in the front and in the socio-economic life, and was ready to turn into an armed confrontation at the highest level between the President and CEO oligarch, after which the United States would have to leave in disgrace from the Ukraine, Washington to make tough decisions about the formation of a single vertical of power.

Firstly, all the oligarchs was sent a very distinct hint on the future behaviors and frameworks through sobering political, financial and economic ambitions of the most iconic and major figure of the Ukrainian oligarchy - Kolomoiskiy, causing him, despite the ban on entry into the United States, appeared somewhere near Washington in order to determine their fate. Accordingly, no one of the oligarchs play autonomy and no jump. All perfectly understood and saluted. Twitch, no one will - bail in Austria will now be a big problem. By the way, the experience of talking with US Kolomoisky and his example to all the other oligarchs and officials, is another good example for the Russian authorities, as the Empire should talk to those who are on a “step” is lower because endless tsatskanya with Yanukovych, Azarov and other lead only to the fact that “the tail starts to wag the dog”, processes are slowed, people go on my own and start to carry gag.

7 April 2015

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