Ukraine signed a new contract for the supply of uranium to Russia in 2016 and donated the money for the return to Russia of spent nuclear fuel

International Uranium Enrichment Center (JSC “IUEC” International Uranium Enrichment Center) and the Ukrainian State Concern “Nuclear Fuel” signed a new contract for the supply of uranium ore from Ukraine to Russia in 2016. This Tass Commercial Director of JSC “IUEC” Gleb Efremov, responding to a question.
“The contract approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting, held July 31, 2016, which means that its entry into force, - said -. We now turn to the contract phase and expect our Ukrainian partners, shipping notices to us raw concentrate.”
Efremov said that the timing of future production and the date of shipment of the product enriched in the International Uranium Enrichment Center will depend on the effective date of the supply of natural uranium from Ukraine, which is not precisely defined, but according to the terms of the contract should take place in the IV quarter of this year.

Ukraine transferred the money for the return to Russia of spent nuclear fuel from their nuclear power plants of Russia resumes its import - source.

3 August 2016

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