Friday: The Rivne young patriot in the embroidery invented bulletproof helmet

He does not fail talents Ukraine. In Rivne 12-year-old patriot in embroidery pasted helmet plasticine pyramids. The young prodigy finds that the relief surface will better reflect bullets and shrapnel, and his invention would save lives ukrovoinov. Military Operational Command “West” commended the young patriot. The invention has already been patented and are waiting for the customer. Model plan to cast Kevlar or bronestali and test. Now we need to - we need pennies to implement this ingenious invention.

In my opinion the Ukrainian TV zradniki work. In fact, after this story, too, Muscovites will be able to use these great ideas when creating a bulletproof helmet. And then invulnerable fighting hordes of Buryats can freely occupy the Ukraine. In general, the site of the SBU, I have figured out the one who shot and aired this story

11 December 2015

SBU reported on the detention of subversive group, which allegedly consisted of Russians and Ukrainians
Biden condemned the attack on the parliament in Yatsenyuk

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