American armored shells neighborhood of Mariupol

Militias have reported shelling Shirokino under Mariupol American armored vehicles. New heavy weapons, which is not in the Ukrainian army, according to militia fighters, was equal to the ground with one stone building in minutes.

“Recently used foreign-made tank and heavy tank thermal imagers, which intersect the movement of small groups as well as our technology. Several times this tank flashed frame-Ukrainian news - they call it” Black Panther “or” Black Death “. Custom Tank shape: elongated tower feed launched on the engine compartment fires is very far away and a new type of ammunition, because houses just blows - response time had less than a minute, “- said the commander of the reconnaissance with the call sign” Hindu “.

He added that Shirokino subjected to heavy artillery shelling - beat howitzers, mortars hit 120, 82 mortars, tank constant shelling and sniping conducted. Shooting, as noted by the commander, being of foreign-made weapons.

“Also during the clashes when they come out reconnaissance, we destroy them, we find on the site of the American dressing packets, American ammunition. All this in English and Polish,” - explained the representative of the militia.

2 April 2015

Lukashenko: no Americans in Ukraine is impossible stability
In Germany, condemned the police cannibal

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