Nearly 20,000 vests purchased Ministry of Defense, was defective

As a result of the negligence of officials of the Ministry of Defence of the armed forces did not receive adequate protection.

“A former senior defense officials as a result of repeated unreasonable configuration changes during the period from 03.21.2014 to 30.05.2014, the organized and carried out the purchase of lightweight body armor of two types: without the protection of the neck (” Corsair 4 “), and without the protection of the neck and groin (” Le Corsaire M3 -1-4 “) in the amount of 17,080 units with a total value of more than 71 million. UAH”, - according to the website of the GPU.

According to the research profile of the Institute, said PPE found to be inconsistent tactical and technical requirements for body armor.

According to the prosecutor’s office, vests purchased from the budget and charitable funds from the 4th degree of protection. But in practice they are not rescued from destruction by fire, machetes and fragments of a hand grenade.

“As a result of non-compliance of personal protective equipment specified characteristics to 31.05.2014 on 01.08.2014 year, at least 67 members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not having the full protection, injured neck and groin area, including death,” - said in Prosecutor General’s Office.

As reported by the “Navigator”, formerly the military zone of ATO have repeatedly complained that the remedies they have to buy themselves or withdraw from slain enemies: provided by the state are not enough, and the “public” body armor does not correspond to the declared defense classes.

9 August 2014

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